Prosciutto has always been an essential part of the traditional nutrition and almost every homestead had its own pigs. Nowadays, you barely find someone. Uroš learnt the basis of making ham from his father and grandfather, while actively taking part at “koline” (the traditional slaughtering, processing, and butchery of pig meat) since he was a kid. Using his knowledge and adapting it to specific cellar conditions, he developed his own method for making the softest and sweetest ham you have ever eaten.

His secret lies in these simple ingredients: specially-bred and fed Slovenian pigs from carefully selected local farmers, Slovenian sea salt from Piranske soline, pepper and patience while drying and maturing the ham in the cellar for 30 months. The extremely big pig legs weigh up to 25kg, which requires longer drying times, but results in enriched flavor and soft ham structure even after 5 years. Every leg of prosciutto is 100 percent natural, with no additives or preservatives. Although Uros is well known and broadly praised for his prosciutto, you can taste also salami, sausages, pancetta and other home-made pig products, which are available to buy.